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    Hi all

    I only know a little on sound and microphones and wanted to ask someone with a similar camcorder to mine or give me an idea what would be best for what I want it for.

    Iím shooting and editing a documentary on my martial arts club which will involve filming action shots, teaching shots, gearing up and interviewing the members with me asking questions.

    Im thinking a mounted shoe shotgun mic would be best as Iíll be filming the majority up close and I need to be able to move free and quickly when the actions on as I donít wont to case any accidents or get my camera broken.

    I will be working in a sports hall so a big room with wooden floors (echoes) will be the place I will be filming in.

    Also it you think any other equipment may be good to use please let me know.

    At present I just have a Canon HV20 with a detachable wide angle lens ( I think itís a 0.45x)


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    Have a look at the sticky...

    My personal recommendation would be for the Sennheiser K6 kit but, at about £500, it's rather expensive. It will, however outlast your camcorder, and the next one, and the next one...

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    Hi Casper I see you are going for it. Get the best mic you can afford and make sure it's directional. Maybe consider a boom as well, which would then need a second person to hold it. With a space like that the echos will be pretty bad so you need to get the mic in as close as possible to reduce the ambient noise.

    Before you shoot the sparing I would recommend camera man, sound man and people sparing rehears so when you shoot at full speed you all know where you have to most so your not in the way or the mic gets in the shot etc.

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    hey midnight blue, yeah after the insperational words i have got a plan together.

    boom mic would be awesome but i just need a trust worthy person to do it and i now my lads would keep joking around with it lol i'll may try and convince my girlfriend but once again with the sparring i need it to be real as i want to get their aggresstion on tape (the teachingwill be more easy to do the boom mic) and thats why i need a microphone on the camcorder as if they start rolling my way why im filming on the ground i need to be able to move me and my equipment quikly.

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    Have a look at the rode ntg2 shot gun mic with the SM3 shock mount. It will run on battery or phantom power and though it looks huge on an HV20 it gives great results, can be boom mounted, there is also a blimp or deadcat available for outside work. It has brilliant noise damping so if used carefully can also be handheld for interview work (though not ideal)

    You will need to run it on AA battery and source an xlr to 3mm jack cable for connection to your HV20 and it won't break the bank.

    Beware of the cheaper rode videomic, though it's a good mic it's better to pay the extra for the ntg2, IMO

    Hope this helps
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    cheers guys

    are their any good rental equipment places around South East Crytal Palace area, that anyone can recommend

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