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Thread: Happy endings?

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    Default Happy endings?

    It's a cliche, but everyone likes a happy ending, don't they? And what better way to finish a film than with a nice, rosy, happing ending. OK, sometimes the sugar sweet "happily ever after" leaves a sour taste, and the more down to earth endings of "the break up" can come as light relief.

    But a downright tear jerker of an ending just ain't right. It was a toss up between "If Only" and "The curious case of benjamin button" tonight. Not beeing in the mood for anything remotely heavy, we opted for the light and fluffy option. Wish I hadn't. The ending's got me all down and gloomy.

    I just wanted a few hours of escapism. Perhaps a tear jerk along the way, culminating in a "awwwwww" ending. A sugar coated case of cliched love. But no. Now I'm in a dark place. Thanks very much. Tempted to watch ground hog day...

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    I know that it's "in" not to like schmalz but I like a film to "finish". Nothing annoys me more than seeing a film end with an obvious way-in for a sequel.

    Actually one thing annoys me even more... a stupid "Independance Day" ending.

    But yes, I do like a happy ending, or at least where the good guy gets the girl and the bad guy gets his come-uppance. I don't need a movie to tell me how unfair life is, I want a bit of escapism.

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    The vast majority of films finish with a nice upbeat ending, I think if a films good enough to hold attention its worth occasionally giving it a real bummer of an ending, just to be a bit different and to get people thinking of what might have been.
    Just a thought.

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    I have to admit that the ending which has stuck mostly in my mind has to be one of the most downbeat - the "Oh My God" moment in (the original) Planet of the Apes.

    Much of that must I'm sure be down to being young and impressionable (my memory says I was ten, but the maths suggests younger, unless it did the rounds a couple of years after release).

    It was the first film I ever saw that "affected" me. Up until then it had always been pure childrens entertainment, but this one showed that the medium could be used for something deeper, it could expand your imaginateion, make you ask questions and be used for propaganda (though I probably wouldn't have put it in quite those terms back then)

    The second ending which stick in my mind was one that left everything open (at least, I've never understood it and can interpret it at least two ways) and that's 2001:A Space Odessy, which I would have seen at around the same age.

    But that's an exception. I do generally like a happy ending - or at least a partial resolution.

    Having said that I'm not so sure about lots of resolutions all coming together in the last 5 mins. That all seems rather Charles Dickens. Rather like the sceenwriters have worked out they're running out of time so lazily bring all the plots and subplots to a conclusion.
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    What about a moral message, the "doing the right thing" kind of movie. When the hansom hero walks away form the married woman in Hanover Street. OR the classic Brief encounter. The lighting in that last scene is fantastic. David Lean is a genius.

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