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    Default Burning HDV to DVD

    Hi I am hoping someone can share there expertise on my proble here.

    I have made a film and filmed it in HDV. I render my finishing film as an uncompressed AVI. The quality looks great on my computer. I then burn the film to a DVD disc using Nero. The quality of the footage on the TV does not look as good and the footage looks fuzzier/blurrier.

    It seems its something to do with the burning process for this to happen?

    How can I make the footage look as good on DVD as it is on my computer.

    I am hoping someone can help me.

    Thanks for your time.
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    OK. What codec are you using in the avi and what sizes are you using.

    DVDs use MPEG2 and the images are 720x480 if NTSC or 720 x 576 if PAL. And they'r einterlaced.

    If your AVIs are biggger than that then Nero is doing a lot of conversion. You may be better of producing your files as MPEG2.

    And if you're really producing your AVI as uncompressed, then Nero is probably going to choke on that. Are you really really sure it's uncompressed? That's something in the order of 200MB per second at standard definition.

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    Hi thanks for your reply. I dont know much about settings and differences and rendering :( but I will do my best to help you.

    My prjoect setting is

    Template: NTSC DV 720x480, 29.970.

    How do I find out the Avi codec and size?

    When I select 'Video for windows (avi) to render, it does say 'uncompressed' in description.

    The file is big when I render, its about 4.7 GB

    EDIT - Ok I have renderd MPEG 2 like you have said and the quality is alot better now so I thank you for that. I now understand you have to render the audio seperataly because there is no audio when you render with MPEG 2.

    How do I render the audio seperataly? do I have to delete all the video tracks off the timeline bit by bit and leave just the audio?

    Thanks for your time.
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    Like Tim said when you burn to a DVD you are compressing the video to mpeg2. You are also changing the video from HD to SD. You have to have a HD DVD or Blue Ray burner to make a high def DVD. You have a hight of 480 lines on your DVD the minimum number of lines for a HD DVD is 720.

    This may explain why the footage is not as good on the TV as on your computer monitor.

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    Need to get some points straight here:

    Point 1 - Separation of Procedures
    Encoding (1) and Burning (2) of a DVD for viewing on a set top box, from your source material, are two separate procedures. As procedures or functions, they CAN appear to be combined, but they don't need to be. I can burn a DATA DVD without needing to prepare anything. The DVD platter is just a receptacle to hold my DATA, like a high capacity floppy disc. I can "prepare" a video DVD without the need to burn. Yes of course I can later decide to then burn it, but preparation (encoding/authoring) and burning are not the same procedure. It can appear that they are, but they aren't combined.

    As a result of this separation of function we can prepare video and audio content away from burning. And this is what I do.

    Point 2 - Making A Choice of Encoding Procedures

    From within Vegas I can decide to:


    a) produce a combined Video and Audio MPEG encode


    b) a separated out video and audio encode

    Mostly now I choose the second option. To do this I prepare video content by using the MPEG2 encoding/rendering video only (there is a template ready to go in Vegas) and repeat the process for audio, but this time use the AC-3 encoder/render (again, there is a template ready to go within Vegas). NB: I don't remove the video from the timeline, I just select the AC-3 template from within Vegas. (I need to keep the same name for the video and the audio and render them to the same folder - MyWork.mpg + MyWork.ac3 - of course you can call it what you like! I just used MyWork as an example)

    Point 3 - Quality & Decoding at the Tellie!

    What kind of tellie are you viewer the DVD-player's output on? I have a 40" SONY BRAVIA, and I use a SONY DVD player which decodes and upscales through an HDMI and through to the BRAVIA LCD screen and the result is amazing - and this with SD content too. The point I am making here is that the player>cable>screen decode/transit need to be fairly compared to the PC>Screen result. There maybe NOTHING wrong with your DVD encode, but it is your process from the player to screen that may need to be investigated. I've needed to re-view my shop bought DVDs with this upscaling player! The results are truly awesome, and inch for inch of resolution can often surpass my PC>screen results too. This is with my own shot SD work, prepared and burnt through Vegas to DVDA and delivered on a SD DVD platter.

    You've raised some good questions. I hope this helps to assist you in answering your enquiry regarding the need to remove the video from the timeline, along with an invitation to look more carefully at your final process to viewing your work on your TV.

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    @ Grazie, thank for taking the time to write that. I will take your advice and see what I can do.

    Thanks mate.

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    I am very pleased. As long as you understood my descriptions, and you can derive value from it - good!

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