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Thread: Burning to DVD's - What is best format +R +RW -R -RW ??

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    Default Burning to DVD's - What is best format +R +RW -R -RW ??

    As the subject really - whats the most commonly accepted formats for general viewing and reliable burning???
    I had trouble at first burning a +R from Pinnacle9+
    had some success with -RW but could not re-write?? then the +R worked. None will work on the actually burning DVD PC via Power DVD?

    Is it better to burn a DVD image onto the hard disc then when succesfully burnt (or re done iif nec) use a dvd creator package to then produce and burn the whole thing with title and menues etc. and including the video content as the "film"
    now even More confused
    Confused but getting there (I think)

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    Paulh: I think the answer on this one may be 'it depends'. The way I did it was to establish where I planned to play the DVDs I produced. Answer = LG 'set top' DVD player. Then find out what format of DVD it was happy with. Answer = DVD-R. Then take it from there...
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