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Thread: Editing, Rendering, Sony vegas HELP!

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    Exclamation Editing, Rendering, Sony vegas HELP!

    Hi guys, I would like to first thank you for taking the time to read this thread

    Before I explain to you what my problems are, let me list some information:

    - I have a Dazzle DVC 100 (White Dazzle)
    - I have Sony Vegas 9
    - I have Pinnacle Studio 12
    - I have Instant DVD Recorder
    - I have a Ps3 (Not that I think this matters)

    1. Ok so I was wondering which of the programs listed above are the best to capture my gameplay (video quality-wise)?

    2. Does anyone know a tutorial that can guide me to good rendering settings for youtube?

    3. I was wondering why this happens. On Sony Vegas 9, there is a option that allows you to capture videos. When I try capturing with the Dazzle DVC 100 option, it does not work. Can someone help me?

    4. Now for the editing, I was interested in making a Modern Warfare 2 montage and I was wondering if someone can give me tips on how to edit. For example, can u help me with how to sync up a gunshot to the music, or how to make a good intro.

    Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks you,


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    bump bump?

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    How does the Dazzle connect to the PC? Is it firewire?

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    heya, watch this vid of is quite short but it is the settings i use to render my videos for high definition quality on youtube, you will have to pause the video to note down the settings properly as it is quite fast.

    you will not be disapointed with the settings, i assure you =D

    Edit: i would also double click the video to take you to yourtube to watch it on a bigger screen as it you can actually see some of the settings

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