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Thread: High School Football Part 2, probably my best video yet.

  1. Default High School Football Part 2, probably my best video yet.

    This is the second half of the first video I posted. All feedback and criticism is welcome! Thanks.

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    I like feeding back to people on their movies. But if I see that they don't bother to leave feedback for others then I soon lose interest.

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    I see you took head of what we said. It does improve the continuity for me. Like I said about the first one what gives with the adverts ? Does the name viral Media just mean you are producing this videos for advertising purposes ?

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    Viral Media is my Company that films the games. What I'm trying to accomplish is film the games and charge local advertisers for space within our videos that will target local teenage demographic. Eventually though, right now i'm just doing it for fun. I'm in no way trying to pump my links here for exposure considering all my stuff only has value only to local (seaside oregon) business it wouldn't make any sense.

    As far as me not commenting on other peoples videos. I will comment if you think I should, but I still consider myself a novice, and I have so much to learn I don't feel like it's my place to critique people, but If you feel my skills are such that I could offer advice I would be more than willing too.

    My interests here are in now way commercial, I'm sorry some feel that way. I assure you I'm here only here to learn and share with people.
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    I can assure you that you have sufficient experience to comment on others films and if you do you will quickly find that you can learn even more about film making because it will force you into thinking about it. Just start with a simple list of what you like and don't like and go from there.

    Wouldn't it be great if we had so many people feeding back on here that each post gets double figure feedback?

    I accept that your not trying to drive people to your website and that your genuinely here for feedback, its because you were not feeding back to others that the impression arose.

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    I understand what you say. If I could ask you a favour which is to not put in the ads when you post here for critique as I find it just distracts me from the main event.

    Like Shrimpy said, if you can produce videos to the standard you are you can certainly have an opinion about other videos. Both Shrimpy and I make videos for fun as a hobby, we are not pros. so what gives us the right to talk about other peoples videos.

    We do it because we like to help others and we learn from doing it.

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