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Thread: Best Recipe for Slow Motion Filming

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    Default Best Recipe for Slow Motion Filming

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to film a short 30 second piece involving a guy against a white background being hit by something.

    Id'd like to record the impact in slow motion and for the footage to be as clear as is possible.I've googled and looked at allsorts but I'd like to know anyone out there who has done it.

    I've worked out that shooting in Progressive is best but do I need to set the shutter speed higher or lower etc?

    Cheers for the help or advice

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    A higher shutter speed is recomended for shooting slow motion. What camera and software will you be using?

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    Hi Midnight cheers for the reply.

    I'll be using Adobe CS3 and the camera I was looking at using was the soon to be leaving me DVX100 as it has a progressive function.

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    You should get good shots setting the frame rate to 50pn

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    50 you say, I'm hopefully going to give it a road test tomorrow, I will have a mess around and post my results. Very much new territory for me so it'd be good for feedback on this.

    Would you slow the footage down in the edit as normal or are there certain effects or plugins that can assist.

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    Doesn't the DVX100 work the same as the HVX200 ie if you shoot at 50PN not P but PN the playback is a 25 fps therefore instant slow motion at half speed. OR is it only the HVX that does this.

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