Hi, I recently purchased a Sony Handycam Digital Video Camera Recorder with MiniDVs, model no. DCR-TRV20, from a local pawnshop, and since I got it from a pawnshop it did not come with the manual or any cables (except the charger).

I've already bought a few cables for my camera, and they didn't fit or work. I'm wondering which ones would be compatible with my camera, say for displaying it on the TV or putting the videos on my computer.

I can't really identify the port that the USB cable would go into for, and I know for sure it's not 4pin. All I can really say is that above it there is writing that says DV IN/OUT, and right next to it it says DIGITAL I/O.

Although I did look up on the internet that I could use something called an i.Link to transfer it to my computer.

Could someone supply me with a link where I could find these kinds of things? I'm pretty much as basic as it gets with knowledge about Video Cameras, so a user friendly site would be much appreciated!

If you have any questions about anything I can specify, please ask me.

Thanks alot and I am looking forward to your responses!

- The Evil Daed.