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Thread: Looking for someone to tutor me on Vegas Pro 9

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    Smile Looking for someone to tutor me on Vegas Pro 9


    I have only recently started making videos and at the moment my knowledge on it is very basic!

    Each time I have tried to do something, it has meant heavy searching on the internet (forums, youtube etc) to find answers for what I'm trying to do..... and it sucks!!!

    What I could REALLY do with, is actually sitting down with someone for a day and just go through the programme and how to do things.

    The programme I use is Sony Vegas 9; I've made a couple of very basic videos but I really want to take this a lot further. I want to be good!! and I want to get a lot better, fast!

    So.... is there anyone in the west midlands that uses the programme and willing to help me out here?? I'll buy you a lunch! I'm close to Birmingham and also Stoke on Trent.

    I know this is pretty unusual but I'm convinced the best way for me to learn is to simply have a full day with someone who knows the programme inside-out... so if anyone could spare the time I'd really appreciate it!!


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    I understand your desire to find someone who will tutor you, and you mention you've searched the web for info, but have you actually tried the help facilities that come with Vegas.

    The interactive tutorials (under Help) are an absolute must for getting up and running quickly and understanding some of the concepts.

    The on-line help itself is actually quite good - and there's a fairly extensive "How do I..." section at the front.

    And the user manual (downloadable from Sony Creative Software - Vegas video - ACID & Sound Forge audio editing) has enough detailed explanations to keep you learning for years.

    Also be prepared fro the possibility that Vegas is not the most suitable program for you. Different programs apart from (often minor) differences tend to encourage different "work flows" and Vegas may simply not match your concept of how the work should flow.

    If you get no takers for a free lunch, post back a list of some of the things you're trying to do and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

    One of the most basic things that seems lacking from all Vegas beginner stuff is basic conceptual stuff and terminology.

    Here's a starter for 10.

    An "event" exists on one track on the timeline.
    It is a reference to a piece of media (video, audio or generated). This may be a whole video clip or part of a video clip. To all intents and purposes it appears as if the piece of media (or sub section of the pices of media) exists on the timeline and can be treated as such. However, because it is only a reference this means we can change it in many ways (trim, colourise with fx, reverse) and even delete it WITHOUT changing the original footage or other media in any way. This is known as NON DESTRUCTIVE EDITING.
    It follows that two identical copies of the same section of a video clip may be placed on the timeline and they are two unique "events". Changes made to one event do not affect the other.

    A "track" is something along which events may be laid out across time. Each track has a "track header" to its left which is home to a set of controls which affect EVERY event on the track.

    A track is either a video track or an audio track.
    In the case of multiple video tracks, the track nearest the top (ie track 1) has prioroity over the track below it. In other words if you have a 10 sec event on track 2 starting at 00:00:00:00 and a 4sec event on track 1 starting at 00:00:03:00 (3 secs) and you preview this you will see

    • the first 3 secs of the event on track 2 followed by
    • the whole of the event (4 secs) of the event on track 1,
    • followed by the final 3 seconds of the event on track 2.

    You can change the opacity of the higher track such that rather than block out the track below, it will superimpose itself over the track below. Similarly if the event o the higher track does not fill the whole screen then the lower track will show through the parts it doesn't cover. Events on higher tracks may also make use of the "alpha channel" which is the amount of transparency in different parts of the image. Text on transparent background is an example of this.

    The terms "event", "track" and "media" are crucial to understanding Vegas, because many things can be applied at any of these levels (and indeed to the whole output file)

    It is important to understand where you are applying effects.
    For example, if you want a special effect at a point in a movie - maybe you want to add some blur to a clip to signify a POV of a person wh's lost his glasses - you would most likely apply that to an event.

    If you have one or two clips (ie the original footage from the camera NOT events) which the same colour correction (maybe they were shot with incorrect white balance and don't match the rest of the footage), you're better off applying that at the MEDIA level, so that wherever you use that footage within your film the correction is (a) automatically applied and (b) consistently applied. What's more if you decide you need to tweak it later, you only need do it once for each piece of media rather than once for each event on the timeline which uses that media.

    If you have a film which requires two (or more) very different treatments, you may wish to apply FX at the track level. For example, if you're making your own "Matrix", you may place all your "in the matrix" events on one track and all your "outside the matrix" events on another, aplly a blue tint to one track and a green one to the other.

    Tracks offer a whole bunch of other facilities to. Track Motion, allows you to move your event within the frame (useful for multi-image screens and "Picture in Picture")and move the image within a virtual 3D space (more useful for that "TV show" look rather than straight ahead films, but you'd use this for the classic "Star Wars" intro). It also allows you to combine "composite" various tracks in a lot of different ways enabling creation of wierd and wacky effects down to very practical and boring facilities like blurring out car number plates or people's faces)

    Enough! I hear you cry.

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