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Thread: In Vegas Pro 8 AVI file "stream attributes cannot be determined"

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    Default In Vegas Pro 8 AVI file "stream attributes cannot be determined"

    I have a number of AVI clips (uncompressed) created in another program, Cyberlink Power Director. I used it because it has a few neat FX which Vegas lacks.

    When I tried to import them into Vegas, they show as "empty" clips (i.e. instead of seeing thumbnails from the clip in the timeline, I see blocks corresponding to the clips' lengths, but they are blank except for a horizontal line in the middle. )When I press play, nothing appears.

    I suspected there might be a problem because when I click on any of these clips in Vegas' Explorer view, at the bottom of the Explorer window is a message, "Video: stream attributes cannot be determined".

    What is strange about this is that the following lesser (in terms of price, at least) programs recognise and can work with these clips quite happily: Power Director; Ulead (Corel) Video Studio Pro X2; Magix Movie Edit Pro 15; and Adobe Premiere Elements 1.0. Windows Media Player and GOM (another media player) play these clips with no problem.

    What could the problem be with Vegas Pro? How can I get it to recognise and work with these clips?

    I'd be grateful for any help -- I have a lot of time invested in these clips, and wanted to use Vegas' superior arrangement features to stitch them together, along with other clips, into a final movie.

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    Difficult to know what's wrong here.
    Are you using 32bit versions of all programs? (Just a shot in the dark - if you're running Vegas 8.1 which is 64 bit and the others are all using 32 bit codecs this may be why it'll work in all bar Vegas)

    Could you ruin the avi through GSpot and get more codec info.

    What happens if you produce the avi using DV-AVI rather than uncompressed?

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