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    Please check out the new edit of our film 'Ruin';

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    Nice job. I think an improvement over the original. I certainly held my interest more, but that may just be down to having seen the earlier version.
    This version hung together better - it gave us motivation for all the characters which was missing in the earlier one and I felt more empathy with the "ruined" guy.
    Thanks for posting.

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    Cheers Tim. Chuffed with your comments

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    MJ thank for posting this.

    I have one criticism and that is there was to much distortion on the womans voice to understand what she said at 3:35. BUT thats it the rest of my critique is only praise.

    Technically I thought it was well shot with good audio. This cut although paced slower than the original is better in my opinion. I know some people will crave the quick cuts but I think that would spoil the mood of loneliness and depression you are trying to create for the character. I think I would have maybe given the overall look of the film slightly more contrast. This I think may have given it a grittier feel to the Urban landscape.

    Good acting throughout. Good SFX. You guys obviously have a good thing going and I look forward to your next movie.

    One last thing I think preferred the original black and white title.

    An excellent job by all involved. I have so much praise for this little movie.

    I would be interested what equipment you used camera, mic etc.

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    Thanks so much for the critique, much appreciated.

    My involvement was a good chunk of the direction, writing the songs and (nearly all) the editing....Richard was the Cameraman (and my co-director) for the entire thing, and hence he's the techie brains. Will ask him to post with Camera and Mic details!

    Thanks again...really pleased that the slower pace of the new version is appreciated

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    I think in this day and age with MTV etc. it takes a brave director/editor to have a "slow pace" for a short movie like this.

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    I'll take that as a compliment then! I think.....

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    That is how it was meant.

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    Cheers mate

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    Well that was the first time I have seen this film and I really enjoyed it. The acting scores 8/10 for me and there was a clear short story.

    Visually I can make no suggestions for improvement. I can't really comment on the sound as I am currently accessing the site via a small netbook with terrible sound. The only things I can suggest for improvement would be to make the main character appear more destitute. The impression is that he has been sleeping rough for some time yet he looked far to healthy and clean. I would have made a little more of the finding of the gun by including a shot showing it inside the bin and sort of let the viewer see it as he would have done, and then react to that. I am a stickler for realism, so I would have had the character play with the gun later and cock it then return it to his bag. It would then have been ready to fire once he got attacked.

    Very good film and I would certainly aspire to being able to make one as good as that,

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