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Thread: Can I do this myself.. if so how?

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    Default Can I do this myself.. if so how?

    Hi, I hired a videographer to do my wedding in August, and it's November and she tells me that she can't get her video editing software to accept her video footage.

    Long story short, I have a CD with files called, in one folder, VIDEO_RM.BUP, VIDEO_RM.DAT & VIDEO_RM.IFO

    And in the other folder, a bunch of Video_TS or VTS_xx.VOB, BUP & IFO.

    Having never done anything remotely similar before, and can't even consider myself a newbie, can I fix this myself? I'm at a loss here, she has cut all communication with me, and acts like she's a victim before she told me from the get go that 'she wasn't a professional'.

    Is there a program where I can input all the files I have that will convert it to a certain file format that I can then put in order? It's a real mess.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I feel for you. It must be a real blow. One thing I don't understand is how she managed to make a DVD if she couldn't capture the original footage.

    My advice to you is to find a real local videographer explain your situation and get him to try and edit to footage for you. It will cost you but I hope you didn't pay the original person.

    The learning curve is to great for you to do this job and by the time you have bought all the software, spent endless hours learning how to do things etc....

    A professional will be able to do this for you and give you a much better end result.

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    Thanks for your sympathy, and for your tip. I think you're absolutely right. I don't know about the CD, how she did it. They're a bunch of files, and when I put the CD in to play, it seems to be divided by chapters, and they play one after another, but the order doesn't seem to match when videos are playing.

    Do you think a videographer can work with that? Would that be enough? Because she also offered to send the mini discs or whatever but if I don't need them I won't wait for them, as now she is ignoring me.

    Yes I did pay her. I know. But I chalk it up to experience. Trying to get at least a partial refund but I doubt I'll see that happen.

    Thanks again, I appreciate your honest feedback. Saves me tons of time & probably some $$ too in the end.


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    If you can, try and get the original Mini DV Tape that she shot. The person you eventually go to will be able to work with that better than the DVD she gave you. It's always better to work with the original footage as this will help with the quality and give you a better end product.

    I hope you end up with a good record of your special day.

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    OK, thanks for the advice. I will try to get the original footage. Thanks again

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    By the sound of it, she shot it on a mini-DVD recording camera, in which case they're the things you ought to get your hands on!
    If the dvd you have is random, she probably just copied them onto a full size DVD.

    HIH and you get it sorted.


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