Hi There,
We have a number of expensive looking projector lenses which we acquired when we bought out a bankrupt media company.
I have enclosed a link to a PDF with pictures of them and hope to here back from you soon.


2 x Sony VPLL-ZM100 Lens - Brand new / boxed / unopened.
WL-201 Wide Conversion Lens -Brand new / boxed / with carry case and strap (opened).
LNS-T31A/W31A - Motorised lens with light block and instructions. New but opened.
NEC GT35-9ZL zoom lens - Appears brand new.
2 x Schneider Kreuznach lenses - Appear to be new, labelled as “Pro-Cinelux XY PC” and “f= 35”.
2 x Barco Hamerkop .3ma kit lenses GD(1.36-2).- Used but in good condition. Reference numbers are 674830 and R9829850.