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Thread: Odd line above video.

  1. Default Odd line above video.

    Im doing some test renders with vegas just for uploads to youtube but i have a odd issue that i only just noticed.

    YouTube - CSSRage's Channel

    In the top of the frame i have a black line blinking/fadeing in and out, ive seen such things on VHS etc but from digital video ive no idea as to the cause or solution.

    Any suggestions?

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    My guess is this is some sort of interlacing artifact. Hard to be sure.

    What is the source footage? What are your project settings? And what did you render it as?

    (The more detail the better - pixels wide x high, frames per second, codec, where it came from (eg what camera) how it was transferred onto the PC)

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    The raw file is a .mod file from my Canon FS100, rename the file to mpg to it works within Vegas 8b.
    The raw file does not suffer the issue but it seems to when i render as mp4 or wmv and its uploaded by accessig the cams SD card via usb connection.

    Project settings:
    HDV 720-30p (1280x720, 29.970 fps)
    Pixel aspect ratio 1.0
    Frame rate 29.970 ntsc

    Render settings: mp4
    Prifile main
    frame rate 29.970000
    field order, none
    pixel aspect ratio 1.0
    referance frames 2
    constant bit rate 4,000,000

    Render settings: wmv
    Mode : Bit rate VBR
    Format: Windows media Video 9
    Width 640x360
    Pixel ratio 1.0 square
    Frame rate 29.970 ntsc
    seconds per keyframe 3
    Avg bit rate 4m peak 5m
    buffer 20

    And both suffer the same weird issue at the top.

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    Isn't this common? I thought that's why a TV overscans.

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    Renderd another movie today,
    Same issue with the odd lines at the top, any ideas on a fix?

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    It's on the bottom as well as the top. I noticed in your settings you set the field order as none does that mean it was shot in progressive mode or has it been deinterlaced ?

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