Good day,

I want to create a DVD that is playable in any standard DVD-player but I am having a few problems.

Short story is that I have alot of mpeg-files that I want to put on this DVD and I want to create a menu that can be controlled by the remote.
Basically I want to create a main menu where I can open three sub-menus that list these movieclips, if I select one of the clips it plays the clip and return to the submenu. If possible I would like to add the option of playing all of the clips in that menu and then return to the menu after playing the last clip. Also, I would like to be able to use my own graphics for the menus.

Something like this:

Main menu
+ Submenu 1
+ Clip 1-1
+ Clip 1-2
+ Clip 1-3
+ Submenu 2
+ Clip 2-1
+ Clip 2-2
+ Clip 2-3
+ Submenu 3
+ Clip 3-1
+ Clip 3-2
+ Clip 3-3

Don't know if my explanation makes any sense, feel free to ask for more info.
As it is now I have looked at MPEG editor and DVD editor - Womble Multimedia, Inc. but don't know if it can do what I want it to do.

Looking forward to some help.
(messages like "Google for it" will be ignored, had I found the info I needed while googling I wouldn't ask for help)

Hoping for some quick and good replies. :thumbup: