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    I've seen several videos on youtube which have a background which is like that of a scratched screen, thus:

    I really want this specific background. It's not black, that's just what the video user has done with it. It looks that way even when the video is playing and colour is on the screen - like scratches.

    Any ideas where I can find this? And other video backgrounds to use for my vidoes.

    Replies appreciated

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    Could you post a link to a youtube example please.

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    Something like this:

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    Right thats what I thought you meant. It's not a background it's a layer. I don't know if there is some editing software that has this as a standard effect BUT you don't need it you can easily make you own "custom layer" De[ending on how good you are on the arty stuff you could open up photoshop or similar paint/drawing program and simply draw it use white pen or brush on transparent or black, save it, load it into your editing program, then put it onto your time line as a layer. You may need to key the colour to make it transparent. Remember to size the picture to the size of your video.

    I'd like to see how you get on.

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    Oh, I know the answer to this one!
    Try searching deviant art for scratch textures. Or you can easily make this on your own, like Midnight said.
    And then in Vegas make sure that when you put the picture on the timeline it's in the video track above all footage and put the vid track into screen mode. And voila!

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    I hope you put a link to your video when you've finished it, so I can have a look.

    I just remembered, you might want to set a little transparency on the scratches to give it a more realistic scratched screen look.
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    Thanks so much for the replies. I'm going to try this out on my next vid - I'll try and post it up when it's done, although I'm a slow vidder (only do it for fun) so it may take a while.

    But thanks very much anyway.

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    Glad we could help. I look forward to seeing your vid when it's done.

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    alternatively..if you have money..purchase the evolution FX and riot gear FX packages for adobe/sony vegas pro etc..they have dozens of textures you can use aswell as other neat stuff too

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