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Thread: Highschool Football Game, with a special touch. Feedback Please.

  1. Default Highschool Football Game, with a special touch. Feedback Please.

    Here's a football game we filmed, with all the extra personalitys I like to put in videos, feedback is encouraged, my only goal is to improve.



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    I feel a bit out of my depth here because I'm not a "football" fan. I would say if you are making it for the school then that audience my be more interested in it than I was. For me it went on to long but may be it will be ok for the kids who are interested in the team.

    On a technique side of things it looked slick and very professional. I think it could have done with a voice over to explain what was going on in parts. Another point is with the sound it sounds odd when you do your cut aways and time jumps. If you can fine a way to keep the ambient noise levels more equal this would help with the continuity.

    Are you contracted to mention the sponsors ? I found that annoying.

    Apart from that I thought you did a good job.

    Hope this helps

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    Ok so you clearly have a lot of experience as its fairly slick. Key points for me are

    1. Video looked odd in that it seemed to be in the wrong screen ratio?
    2. Sound needs more attention as varies a lot
    3. Much too long for a non football fan but probably right for team supporters
    4. We need to see MUCH more of the girls if only UK teams would have cheerleaders

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    Midnight blue and shrimpfarmer already covered my thoughts.

    Intro looks very good. Very professional. Sound clips being choppy when transitioning makes you think about what you are watching instead of only watching. Adding some subtle music when a turnover happens or a touchdown run is about to happen would had to it. Voice over with enthusiam would be a good idea. Having someone talk besides the real anouncer at a high school footbal game would improve the video quality a lot. You already know how boring they are. Do your best to keep them out and put you in.

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    Great feedback. I greatly appreciate it.

    I will work on sound quality for sure.

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