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Thread: camcorder advice for 70 yr old!!!!!

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    Default camcorder advice for 70 yr old!!!!!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and a complete novice so wud really appreciate some advice.
    Want to buy my 70 yr old Dad a camcorder for Christmas to make home videos of grandkids & family events. looking at a low budget of 200 max

    He uses a digital SLR stills camera but he's pretty clueless about how it links with the PC (he connects his camera to the TV but that's about his limit!!) I dont want a storage media where he'd have to download to a PC each time like with an internal harddrive.

    I'm looking for a model with good quality sound and picture that's EASY to use indoor & out. Something that wud keep a proud granddad happy for hours. Ive looked at some DVD camcorders. like the idea of recording straight onto a DVD format with material ready to view and easy to store.

    Any thoughts on the Sony DVD 115 (145 in Argos) read lots of good reviews but some have mentioned controls/menus were difficult to master? Also what about the touch screen, heard they can be a hyper sensitive on some models and bit of a pain?

    Any suggestions or advice really appreciated,

    Thanks, Lynne

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    Hi Lynne.
    I don't know the Sony DVD145 model, but i would give
    dvd cams a wide berth if i was you. They can be difficult to edit from, and the discs are not always compatible with other peoples dvd players. Hard disc cam's are better but are a bit too frail for my liking ( they won't take rough handling) dv tape is the best bet in your price range. Solid state cams will be best in the long run but are costly at the moment. DVD and hardrive camera's are due to be fazed out soon, dv tape will also go in favor of solid state, but unlike dvd, dv tape will be available for quite some time because it is so popular and is still used by some professionals. Try to find a cam with an eye viewfinder as a side screen can be difficult to see in bright sunlight , hope this helps Lynne. PS i am 72 so i know what toys old men like! John Boy.
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