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Thread: I've looked EVERYWHERE! Multiple images on one background

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    Default I've looked EVERYWHERE! Multiple images on one background

    I have downloaded several trial versions of video editing programs, trying to figure out which one to purchase. I have used Ulead VideoStudio (*my favorite so far!*) and MediaStudio, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Premiere (it's very hard though!)

    BUT, I can't seem to do one simple thing. I want to integrate my photos with my videos, but I can't find a way to display more than one image at a time! (Like the way they would display in PowerPoint) I can only get one image by itself. I do not want to overlay the images, just have one plain background with two or more pictures! If ANYONE can help at all, I would appreciate it!



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    Mediastudio aspect of the question posted here

    Video Studio only supports one Video Overlay (Picture in Picture) track.

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