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    Part 2 of 3. Shorter but let me know what you guys think and where it needs improvement.

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    As your getting better it's time I got more critical with my assessment. Everything I say is to try and push you to improve more.

    Maybe a title would help at the beginning to identify the car. I know the video it's self is titled but maybe the the video should have some form of title.
    I don't think the silhouette shot at 8 secs works. For this kind of shot it would need to be more stylised perhaps a close up with a sun glint off the window or something like that.

    I liked the creative idea to show the engine at 9 secs.

    Then the whole thing was totally spoilt for me at 12 secs when that awful music started.

    Now you may not like this next point but please try and revisit this in a new unit of time. The shot at 15 secs with the blurring of the other cars and the photographer in the foreground. Take it out. It is not good. I did like the out of focus shot at 17 secs but it should have been pulled into focus a bit quicker. Then it just ends at 25 secs which left me with the feeling that I wanted more. I guess thats why there is a part three to come when you finish it.

    Apart from a brief shot at 4 secs it seemed to me that you didn't get enough close ups or maybe I should say extreme close ups.

    I hope you accept this in the manner it was intended. I have monitored your progress over this week you are getting better at what you are doing. I really want you to get even better.

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    Anything you guys say about my video, I am completely cool with. I understand that my videos are not top notch but that is what I am working torward. So, the more you guys critique my work, the better I will be later on. I don't get my feelings in the way of my work, at least at this moment in time

    We really had few shots to deal with, and that is why the shot at 15 seconds, filler, longer shot of car being focused on, filler, I really wanted the video to be longer than 25 seconds but that was all I could work with, but I am glad that you wanted more.

    The 2nd chunk of music just came to me. I was in bed last night awake for an extra hour and half thinking about the music to this video and I think I just gave up and threw something in there. Sadly, that is what ended.

    I am very thankful that you have helped me so much with my videos. I take your critiqing seriously but not to the point that it upsets me and makes me cry. Just enough to make me understand where to get better.

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    One of the hardest editing lessons I learned from this forum was that if it's not right for the movie leave it out. When filming always get enough footage for when you put it together. Also if you learn to plan your shots before you go on location this my help you to get better footage. As you progress you will learn how to best frame a shot, get the best lighting available etc....

    One last thing Turkish folk music or what ever it was just doesn't say fast cars to me and I suspect most other people as well. lol

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    Hi CRX

    Totally agree with Midnight's comments and pleased to see that you are taking the constructive criticism well. Being able to take criticism is a very important life skill. I know because I have had a shed load in my time

    Your films are still improving though. Now for a bollocking Never use shots that are not good enough, never rush out a film until you can honestly say to yourself that its the best you can do, never use a piece of music that you don't feel is just right You will only kick yourself if you do because you will have been criticised for something you already knew.

    I would imagine you have your music collection on MP3. If so have a look at my post in the just for fun section on choosing music for your videos.

    Keep up the good work, your doing fine

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    What's interesting about your videos is the criticism have moved from the objective stuff which is closer to rules to the subjective where it's more a matter of style and taste.

    Whilst I agree with much of the above...

    I quite liked the silhouette - I agree that it could have been a bit more styalised - I'd have used some FX to enhance the glint of the sunlight - but the biggest problem for me with it was the car didn't fill enough of the frame.

    And I quite liked the music. Relevant - not really. But it did have a sort of "driving" feel - perhaps more akin to a relentless drive across a long straight deserted road (Death Valley comes to mind).

    The photographer shot was a mistake. But I don't think yu'd necessarily know that when you are experimenting with it.I think you were right to incude it and get opinions.

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    uhm, I liked the music too, though I thought it started out too late, maybe time it with the car starting to drive instead of two secs delay. Really really great beginning, with sound and with shots and editing. I didn't really like the blurry shots.

    I saw the first part, and like this one better Looking forward to the next one.


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