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Thread: Teaser Video ... Feedback please...

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    Lightbulb Teaser Video ... Feedback please...

    I made a teaser video for a Belgian Rockband to announce their upcoming single and music video. The footage was shot on a Canon Xh-a1 Hdv-cam with an Sgpro 35mm adapter. Edited on Adobe Premiere & color corrected wit After FX, I'm still working on my color correcting skills as on some monitors it will look a bit oversaturated. (it was color corrected on my old pc, since a few weeks I'm working on the latest Mac Pro with FCP & Color installed)

    Questions or feedback are always welcome...

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    I liked it

    Great idea using older people.

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    Yes I do too. I like the fact that you kept it subtle when you could have gone for a much more slapstick approach. Once you fix the colours it's good to go.

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    Thanks for the positive comments, I'm now finishing the actual music video that's been announced in this teaser. I'm struggling with the color correction again...I'll post it here when it gets released, somewhere next week. More feedback on the teaser video is always welcome...

    BTW the elder people in the video had a really good time while shooting, it was a great experience to work with them.

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    I too think it was a good idea to use these people. Were they actually listening to anything or just miming? All looks good to me good luck with the main release.

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    They were listening to some "oldies"-music they liked, I asked them to move & enjoy it! For some it was not easy, as the lady in the slow-motion shot with the big white headphones was a bit disabled, it was quite funny at times.

    The release of the videoclip will be around next week, I'll keep you all posted.

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    The over saturated colour although not natural give it an unusual feel of warmth. Suits the oldies...Say hello to my Granny for me would ya

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    she says hello back ... she was wondering when you came & visit her some day

    I'm starting to like the oversaturated look, depends on what monitor I view it. The actual music video release has been delayed upto the start of January 2010 so it doesn't get lost in all christmass & NY's crazyness... I'll keep you all posted

    Take care

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