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Thread: Newbie question: "pre-rendering" in Vegas Pro 8?

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    Default Newbie question: "pre-rendering" in Vegas Pro 8?

    Hi, apologies for the very basic question.

    I am new to Vegas Pro 8. In it, I have placed a clip on the timeline; then copied it, placing the copy in the same track, immediately after the original. I have then reversed the copy.

    Playback of the original is fine, but when the playhead reaches the reversed copy, it is choppy.

    I notice that on the timeline, above the copy, there is a blue line. From my experience with Adobe Premiere Elements, this means a clip which has had FX (such as reversal) applied needs to be pre-rendered for playback to go smoothly. In that application, you do this by pressing Enter.

    Is that what the blue line means in Vegas? At all events, how do I make playback of the reversed clip smooth? The help file suggests that to "pre-render" I press Control + M; but when I do this, I get a dialogue asking me what file format I want to save the clip as, as though it thinks I want to export a finished clip. I don't, I just want playback to be smooth so I can continue editing.

    What do I do?

    I would be grateful for any advice.

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    Firstly the blue line means something entirely different in Vegas.
    It is a "selection" or "loop region". It is just a part of the timeline which you have selected (eg by dragging the cursor along the timeline - to make a "timeline selection")
    When it is BLUE it is treated as a loop region. What that means is that if you put your timeline cursor anywhere within the selected area and press play, it will loop - play that region over and over again.
    To stop it looping, press "Q". That'll turn the line grey.

    Prerender does ask you whatt format you want to prerender in. This gives YOU the flexibility to decide - to balance speed with quality. It will create a rendered file or files in wherever you've told it. Effectively you ARE creating a finished clip (or set of clips) but the will only be used for playback in the preview window.

    I've just been doing exactly that whilst experimenting with some reflection effects.

    Prerendered files are created in the folder you specify in the project properties.
    Prerendered files are a maximum of 300 frames. If you are prerendering more it will create multiple files. This reduces the need for it to keep prerendering the whole lot when you make minor edits and prerender again.

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