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    Default Nero Vision Express 3

    I am trying to burn my 1st DVD using Nero VisionExpress 3 (recently updated to the latest version) using Windows Audio/Video files which I have produced from Windows Movie Maker 2. I have made the DVD titles for the 6 separate video's to be burned which amounts to 4Gb. However, when I try to burn it it says it's going to take about 8 hours!.

    A: Is it normal to take this long?
    B: Can it be done quicker?
    C: Am I doing it wrong?

    This DVD burning lark seems to be rather time consuming!!!!!

    I would be grateful for advice and comments.


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    The files you've exported from Windows Movie Maker need to be encoded (converted) to MPEG2 before they the disc can be created. Even on a good machine, this process itself is done in "real time" (it takes an hour to encode an hour of footage). This would then be doubled if your software is using two-pass encoding (this is where the software runs through the footage and creates a log and the runs through a second time where it acrtually encodes).

    So I'm not surprised it's taking a long time.

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    Default Nero time consuming DVD writing

    Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.
    Would I be better off using Pinacle's 'Studio 8' which I have, instead of Windows MM?



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    The editing may be easier, but the conversion to MPEG-2 will still take a long time. The speed depends mostly on how fast your PC is, since the conversion must be done by the program software rather than a special hardware chip like on the Matrox video editing package.

    I usually just let NeroVision Express run overnight to make the MPEG-2 files.
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    Default Pinacle software v Nero

    Many thanks for you reply. I will continue using Nero.

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