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    Default Kinetic Typography

    Does anyone know good ways to do this? I learn best from using like a AE file and follow along with them tutorial... anywho I wanna do something like this.

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    i know this is kinda old but you would need to look at many tutorials on how to animate text and how to use the camera effect in AE....there are various animator functions that make it easier to create kinetic typography

    i will try to make a tutorial soon...but check out my latest typography video

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    Here is a blog post about Angie Taylor's kinetic typography course over at Video2Brain, including free tutorials. Check it out: New Kinetic Typography course by Angie Taylor and Video2Brain Kevin Monahan
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    This video was done by Evan Abrams for Pop artist, Hans Inglish and has some cool chromatic adoration effects. He is going to be offering tutorials on how to do this very soon on his site. he also has other tutorials you may find useful. Here is his site : Tutorials Evan Abrams Video and Graphic Design

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