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    New user require assistance.Please be gentle with me !Never edited anything getting fed up with mini dvd cassettes all over the house!!!I have bought video studio Se V10 and would like to transfer video from a panasonic digital video camera nv-gs15eb onto dvd. The computer is a dell and has a 1394 socket on the front and at the back there is a ieee 1394 with 2 sockets running xp.

    I connected the av out cable from the video to the red yellow and white connector of the video studio had no lead to connect to the s video female connector the camcorder also has an S Video female connector .

    Pressed play on the camcorder and clicked on the video to dvd tab but nothing happened.The instructions with editing hardware/software are very vague and dont even show which connections go where im totally confused I dont want to do fancy editing or tricky stuff just want to get the images off the mini dv cassettes and onto DVD. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not familiar with either the camera or the software your using but most mini DV cameras have a 1394 socket other wise known as a firewire socket. Try using a cable that plugs into that directly into anyone of the 1394 sockets of your computer. If you don't have one of these (firewire) cables any computer shop will sell them.

    This may help get you started. Try and read and understand the help thats given with the camera and software.

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    If I plug the cable from the camcorder directly into the 1394 socket on the computer then where do I plug the videostudio se v 10 ? ie the black box with a usb connection on one end and the black s video connector white and yellow and red connections on the other ?? I have printed off the manual for the videostudio se v 10 all 66 pages of it and there is no diagram or written instruction of where the connections go to/from also from the screen on the pc there is no images or reference to what connects where ?? I have read the camcorder manual also which has no mention of video editing??
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    Hey greggo, I'm really sorry but I thought videostudio se v 10 was a piece of software. So what ever this black box is I stumped.

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    With the software there was a small box with a usb connector at one end and 3 leads coming out out of the other end one black s video lead a white lead a red lead and a yellow lead I thought this connected to the camcorder?? the 66 page instruction is useless does not show any connections.

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    Like I said earlier most Mini DV cameras connect to your PC via the Firewire (1394) connection. Providing you have loaded the correct drivers your computer will recognise that your camera is now connected (if it's switched on) your editing software should then be able to capture the video on your hard drive.

    I'm not familiar with the Ulead video studio Se V10 software so I can't talk you though the steps for doing the capturing.

    I hope someone else in the forum can help form here.
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    Sounds to me like that black box is an analog to digital converter - used for transfering analog signals (from your VCR or VCR camcorder) via an analog socket (either s-video or composite) to digital (the firewire/IEEE1394/iLink) on your PC.

    Throw it away. You don;'t need it in this instance.

    OK That's a bit drastic. Save it for a rainy day or sell it to the guy somewhere on this forum who's currently looking for a cheap way to transfer hos analogue footage.

    Your footage is already digital.

    Get a firewire cable (4 pin on the camera end, 6 pin on the PC end) and transfer it to your PC using a process called "capturing". Either you Corel software should include a capture element or you can do it using Windows Movie Maker (bundled with Windows). Capturing occurs in real time. So a 1 hour tape will take an hour to transfer.

    Do NOT try capturing via USB. It may look like it's working but it' not. The USB is there for transferring stills. I only mention this because it's a common (and easy to make) mistake.

    Capturing from MiniDV is ALWAYS done via firewire.

    (Waits for someone to contradict as there's nearly always an exception)

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    Good call on the "Black Box" Tim.

    Greggo I recommend you listen to Tim's advice, it's good advice.

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    Thank you for your sound advice im busy at work at present but as soon as i get a few days off ill buy correct cables and have a bash at transferring the footage from mini dvd to dvd no doubt ill be back on asking for some more sound advice! Thank you for all your help so far.


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