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Thread: avi to dvd how to achieve high quality

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    Default avi to dvd how to achieve high quality

    Hi just joined

    My problem is this, I am making a short animated film, I am aiming for a resolution of 720 by 576 pal

    I can get very good quality uncompressed avi but I need to get this onto a Pal DVD.

    From what I've read I need to export my movie as a DV-AVI file so that I can burn it to DVD.......and thats where the problem is. Exporting in this format makes the film look terrible. I want to submit to film festivals so I need as high quality as I can get.

    I am currently using Adobe Premier 6 and exporting as a DV-AVI gives me no options for altering quality.

    So what I need to know is, if I export my movie as an uncompressed avi which software will convert the file to dvd giving the best results and highest quality.


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    In order to burn your project to DVD you MUST convert to MPEG2 not DV.avi.
    The reason you have no compression choices for DV.avi is that it is a set format at 25mbps with the frame rate determined by whether it was recorded at 25fps (PAL) or 29.97fps (NTSC). It is a format that was developed for standard definition camcorders. The resolution is similarly pre-set.

    If you are working in uncompressed avi then converting to DV.avi is of no real use as you will then have to convert again to MPEG2 to create a DVD compliant MPEG2 file.

    The simplest method for you given the raw footage and the software would be to load the project and simply convert to the highest quality DVD compliant MPEG2 file that your software offers.

    That means only one conversion to the necessary format and the output file is ready to burn to DVD. When you do burn to DVD make sure the DVD authoring program you are using does not further convert the file.

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    [QUOTE=lancecarr;126149]create a DVD compliant MPEG2 file.[/QUOTE

    Thanks lancecarr thats some useful clear advice. Could you tell me which compressor you would use to convert an avi file to MPEG2

    I currently have Xvid divx and some others but they are all mpeg-4 which I guess is no use.


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    Doesn't your Adobe Premier 6 give you the opportunity to burn to DVD if it does I'm sure it's doing in MPEG2. Your right that MPEG4 would not be suitable it's more for YouTube videos etc.

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    I'm with Midnight Blue on that one. Unless you have a version of Premier 6 that has been crippled in some way because of being bundled free with some hardware it should have an option to create a DVD.

    In doing so it would automatically create an MPEG2 file.

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    It's very old software and does not have an option for burning DVDs the read me says 2000.

    I was hoping that if I download an mpeg-2 codec, I would just get the option to use it when exporting my movies, as I do with all the other codecs I have.

    I was hoping to get advice on which would be the best codec, if there is a good freeware option.


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    If you have a look in the FAQ section of the forum you will find what you're looking for.

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    bbMPEG I got this off a friend and tried it out seems to work pretty well for encoding to mpeg2 and giving options for quality.

    I've ended up just using uncompressed avi and then writting to DVD with windows DVD creator. pretty no frills but worked a treat.

    I put in the link for the mpeg2 encoder just so if any one else turns this thread up on a search engine they dont just find a dead end.

    It seems if your using Premiere there is a seperate Adobe program called encore for writting to DVD thanks again to my friend, who also sent me this link about getting the right aspect ratio for Pal which I thought I might as well share here too.
    Aspect Ratios

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    do you think mpeg2 is better than vob?

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    vob files are encoded with mpeg2 as far as I know.

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