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Thread: LCD Monitor VS. LCD HD TV

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    Question LCD Monitor VS. LCD HD TV

    Hi everyone, I used to work in the field of Compositing, 3d Animation and Special effects professionally, and although still dabble in it as a hobby I have recently (2 years ago) moved away from that path and I have a few questions in regards to a "good monitor" setup.

    What I will be using it (the display) for would be:

    -Watching HD Movies / Videos
    -Playing PS3/XBOX (when I can afford one or the other!)
    -Special Effects and Compositing (simple personal or charity work, the output target for which would be either WEB (youtube, vimeo) or HD TV's (home tv sets).
    -Occasional photo re-touch work (again nothing fancy, just simple touch ups or fun semi-pro little projects, posters)

    What I have considered so far after some extensive research:

    - Dell U2410 (wide gamut h-ips panel) can get it for around 450$
    - Dell 2209WA (e-ips, wide gamut) can get it for around 300$

    And what I have considered using instead, without much research:

    LCD HD TV's in place of Monitors (which are on sale):
    - Sharp Aquos 40" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV (LC40E77U) 1099$
    - Samsung 40" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV (LN40B610) 1099$
    - Or any 32 - 37" 1080p 120hz display around 600-800$

    Please advise or give me your suggestions on what kind of setup would be ideal for me. In terms of a budget, I guess the max I'd like to spend on my display is 1200$ if it can be used for Gaming, movie watching etc. And 450-500$ if it will be PC only usage.

    Thanks in advance,

    Also if anyone is curious the PC setup I'm looking into is a:

    Case: NZXT Lexa Aluminum
    CPU: i7-920
    Motherboard: ASUS P6T
    Ram: 6 Gb 1333 mhz Ram
    GPU: ATI 5770 or ATI 5850 (even though I'm usually an Nvidia guy, but DX11 support and hdmi output got me)
    PSU: 600 - 650 watt
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    Well dimo, I use a 32" Sony HD TV as my computer monitor. I think going any bigger may be to big for working on normal word processing etc. A HDTV should do fine for the video work, well mine is fine. It is good with a PS3 (I don't have one but I've seen my friends) It's only when you come to the photo work you may find the resolution a little limiting, having said that I do a lot of photo work on mine and do just fine.

    I think this kind of decision is subjective. So I would suggest you try things out first if you can. Just to see what looks and feel comfortable to you. Just try sitting 2 feet away from a 40" TV it's just to close for my taste. One thing to look out for if you choose a TV is to make sure you can get "pixel for pixel" otherwise things like type faces will not look very good. I'm sure most TV's these day can do that.

    Good luck with your venture.

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    Default Thanks Blue!

    Thanks for your feedback Blue! I went looking around for TV's some more, and specialy paying attention to the 32" and 37" inch tv's and tried to visualize them as monitors and standing 2 feet away from them as you suggested. 32" seems to be the sweet spot... even though personaly I am attracted more towards the 37", they may not be the best choice! LOL

    I was initially curious to see if anyone out there actualy opted for an HDTV for day to day PC usage out there. And now that it seems that IS indeed the case, I gotta make the final decision... in your opinion do you think 120hz v.s. 60hz would bear any real impact on video/compositing performance/preview smoothnes? Also, if you don't mind me asking, which model Sony are you using? After some research I'm thinking of maybe going with the XBR series for 32"...

    Thanks again Blue!

    on a funny aside, I took my brother and showed him a 40" sony, and I said to him "what do you think?" he asked "what do I think about what?" I replied "about That as a PC monitor and video game tv" he started to burst out laughing... when he calmed down a bit, he said "it's too big!"

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    I went through this process a couple of years ago, I always like to to a lot of research on purchase like this. I'm pleased with the result. I bought a Sony KDL-32V2000 which was a new model at the time this has now been exceeded I think they are on to 4 or 5 thousand now. When looking at the models you will notice it starts with the screen size ie 32 then a letter note that the higher up the alphabet the better the TV. I spent a lot of time here which I found very useful. Although it's predominantly a UK site the people on it are very knowledgeable about the subject. Another thing is that sometimes Sony will use different model numbers in different countries. So check what the Canadian equivalent is.

    As to your question about the screen refresh rate I would imagine the quicker the rate the smoother the motion, well thats the theory. BUT when editing it's not so important BUT when it comes to enjoying the fruits of your labour it could help.

    Finally, I understand your desire for a big screen. I had to get a 45" TV for my main viewing which is great for movies.

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    HD is always much better than the ordinary one.
    samsung is always my best choice.

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