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Thread: MPEG conversion help!!

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    OK, I know this may not be the place to ask, but Im going batty trying to understand a simple concept. Here's my problem....

    I shoot a short clip with my Sony Cybershot, which is MPEG1. I UL it to Youtube and its crystal clear.

    I then shoot a short clip with a video camera which captures in MPEG4. The file is rather large so I convert to MPEG1 and UL to Youtube. It looks like crap. Why is that?? I know ther are different codecs and all that. Simply put, when I convert from MPEG 4 to MPG1, what should I do to ensure it will have the PQ of the clip I shot with a stupid P&S camera??? I swear, something that should be so damn simple in this day and age is such a pain in the rear. Tahnx for any input.

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    Are you using a small bit rate in you conversion? You've told us the problem but without knowing your settings it's hard to tell where things are going wrong. MPEG4 is an ideal format to UL to YouTube. Was the original file bigger than 2 G which is the YouTube limit.

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    Naw, it wasnt too big for YT. I just thought that an MP1 file would be easier and quicker to UL than a larger MP4 file. Minutes vs an hr.

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    Well I think that answers your own question. If it's that much quicker it's going to be that much poorer in quality.

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    Well, no, What I was trying to figure out was why an MP1 file from my Sony camera is crystal clear when I UL it, but an MP4 from my video camera that I converted to an MP1 file looked like ass. What am I overlooking in the conversion process that makes the video so poor??

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    During the process of converting from MP4 to MP1 you must be setting the video size smaller or converting with a small bit rate or both. What are you using to convert and what are your setting when doing it ?

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    I'm using 'any video converter'. Im not sure what specs Im using during the xonversion. If this is a poor converter, are there any freewares out there that would work better?

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    Luckily I am familiar with that converter. On the left hand side of the screen there is a list of all the settings. The important bits to look at are the Frame Size which ideally should be the same as the original video. The aspect ratio should also be the same as the original. The next item should be the largest number the converter can give you on my version this is only 1500. Video Framerate again should be the same as the original.

    I hope this helps.

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    Cool! I'll give it a try. I just UL a video to Youtube as an MP4 that was 7 min long. The video took 2.5 hrs to UL. Way too long & IMO too large of a file. An MP1 of the same length takes only 10-15 minutes and looks just as good.

    Appreciate your help bud. Thanx

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