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Thread: Motion Animation for Creating Instructional Videos?

  1. Question Motion Animation for Creating Instructional Videos?

    I'm a teacher making my own instructional videos for guitar,bass,drums and piano.
    I'm curious as how ... on the store bought DVDs ... they get the strip on the bottom or side of the screen to include a guitar neck or musical staff or piano keyboard animation to show and scroll the moving notes or piano keys go down ... while the person in the video plays the corresponding notes on the instrument.

    For instance ... you're viewing a drummer playing a drum set and the screen below shows the notes on the staff being highlighted or 'lit up' as the notes are actually played on the drums.... that sort of thing.

    How do I, as a basic amateur, with Sony VegasPro ... do this?


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    Fundamentally it's a simple case of superimposing one still image (photo or graphic) after another.
    Put your main video on track 2
    Put your image on track 1
    The image should either be created with a transparent background or you should resize it so it doesn't fill the whole screen using pan/crop and track motion.

    If you genuinely need the image to scroll (or more accurately "crawl" as we're talking right to left) as in the case of musical notes, you just make the image very long and use track motion to move it.

    These are the sorts of techniques you will use. Combining these will get you more complex effects.

    Alternatively, you might have an animated graphic composed in an animation program which you could overlay - but here you could ru n into problems with syncing the timing up.

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