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    Default My Videos :D

    Ive started Makin CS:S vids with Sony Vegas, wondered if you guys could give me your opinion, im only a beginner so dont expect amazing stuff lol

    One video per thread please.
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    There is only one camera angle and it quickly becomes repetitive. The scenery looks very simplistic which is ok for a beginner. The film lasts far too long. The hands seem to have been taken from in game footage and again is far too repetitive.

    I hope that helps

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    s'pose the sign of a good video is one that will keep the viewer watching even though they have no interest in the subject matter (or in my case, any clue what the subject is about)
    sadly, i reached for the "eject" button after 45 seconds....

    picture quality was ok and i guess the soundtrack fits the on screen "action" i'm guessing its game footage but what exactly was your involvement ?

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