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    Hello After Effects users, I am an audio visual artist who has been working some pieces.

    Check this one out!

    My friend and I are good with final cut but don't know any after effects. We are looking to collaborate with someone who could do some after effects work on our next video which is going to be EPIC! We are happy to collaborate on other projects in return and if you need some music for your video's, I'm your man.

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    Wicked vid! Loved the light effects!
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    Impressive stuff. Great idea to use the stars as a backdrop.

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    Really great Vid...Loved it!

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    Hey!!! Great video!!! I'm Vick and do a lot of gaming I'm looking for someone that's interested in a youtube montage video. If anyone here or yourself interested contact me at I'm looking for this kind of knowledge of after effects. Great video!!

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