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Thread: A day in the life music video

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    Default A day in the life music video

    This is a clip I made to a favourite song of mine using the web cam on my laptop.

    It's a collection of clips edited to the music, showing a couple of days in my life before and during a house party.

    I was really happy with this clip and just wondered what everyone thought of it really.

    I'd appreciate any comments or criticism. Cheers.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Sabrepulse - Twin Chevron Remix[/ame]

    This Sabrepulse remix was a song originally by : ( (pronounced Colon Open Bracket).

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    Well it's an interesting kind of original idea. Must have taken a while to edit.

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    Well I think you did a pretty good job with that one although I bet its not to everyone's taste. You might want to stick a warning on it for anyone who is susceptible to flashing lights, i.e. epilepsy. I know there are no flashing lights in it but the contrast between shots creates a strobe effect.

    I will get off my health and safety stool now.

    Good effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrimpfarmer View Post
    although I bet its not to everyone's taste.
    Case in point:

    I don't dispute the time an effort that went into making this but at the end of the day its a video in which NOTHING HAPPENS.

    And a video in which nothing happens is a photograph.

    Which should have something of interest in it.

    Which this doesn't.

    Sorry, nil points here. (Oh and that music was SO annoying).

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