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Thread: Which Settings Fr Vegas Rendering?

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    Default Which Settings Fr Vegas Rendering?


    I have been getting used to my new Canon HF200 for a few weeks now and I have been fiddling about with Sony Vegas also.

    I am not totally up to speed with all the settings in Vegas in terms of how to set up my project and then which settings to use for final rendering of the project.

    Do I have to match the settings of the HF200 in terms of, e.g. 50p, 720-30p, PAL DV Widescreen, etc. to set up the project?

    Do I have to match the render to the camera output? E.g. if I shoot in cine mode at 25p should I match this some how in the project??

    Is there much of a difference between an AVI render and a WMV render?
    So far I have noticed that AVI looks better quality and the WMV shows some horizontal 'interference' on footage when viewed back, although is a smaller file.

    Really confused, is there a basic guide somewhere to help me understand?


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    I am in a similar situation, just bought a Canon Legria HF S10 and have been recording at the highest quality but then I am a little disappointed when i render the video from Sony Vegas as avi and wmv.

    Any help would be much appreciated or being pointed to a helpful guide would be great also!



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    A lot of the rendering settings will depend on what the final viewing will be i.e. YouTube, HDTV, SD DVD player, Blue-Ray etc. Read the Sony Help to under stand the different formats. Things like the 25p (PAL) and 30p (NTSC) depends on where you are eg. PAL (UK) or NTSC (USA)

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