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Thread: How to know if it is interlaced or progressive

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    Default How to know if it is interlaced or progressive

    I have had my old super8 films converted to .avi. the company used a machine that scans each individual frame. I specifically asked for the .avi videos to be in progressive format as I am going to edit them.

    Well two of my utilities and Power Director 8 show the videos as interlaced. Yet the company says they processed the video using Sony software and that it shows the videos as progressive. Well I downloaded a trial of Sony Vegas and yes it does show them as progressive.

    When I step through the videos frame by frame I do not see any comb effect.

    With two utilities and my editing program showing the videos as interlaced and Sony showing them as progressive it is very confusing.

    My question is, is there a way to say one way or the other if they are progressive as I do not want to get to the end of my editing project to find that they are indeed interlaced and all of the problems that can entail?



    Sony screen grab.

    Media info utility screen grab

    GSpot utility screen grab.

    PowerDirector8 screen grab.



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    I feel for you. It's very confusing when Sony says no but Gspot says yes etc. If you don't see any comb artifacts on when you frees-frame some fast motion that would tell me you looking at a progressive format. BUT why Gspot says it is interlaced is to technical for me.

    I hope there is someone who can answer this question.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue for your help, it would really help if we had a standard format for our video editing.

    I am thinking that the video is in fact progressive as I do not see the combing effect, it just seems strange that three programs say interlaced and only one progressive.



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    Well after much research it seems as though there is no sure fire way of telling if a video is interlaced or progressive.

    The best advice I got was to step through the video one frame at a time where there is some fast movement and looked for the combing effect. The only problem is you have to find the right program to do it with. I tried this step using the Sony Vegas and surprisingly PowerDirector 8 with a video I knew was interlaced and both programs smoothed out the frame before it got to screen. There was blurring in the frame but no combing effect. I then tried the same video in Magix Video Pro X 1.5 and the combing effect was plain to see.

    So I give up, PD8 appears to be handling my converted super8 movies at the moment so I guess I will just continue with my project and hope for the best.

    Robert S

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    Remember that some editing software will render the time line in a lower resolution to make it easier to edit. BUT the original footage will remain the same resolution. Example if you put anything into Pinnacle it automatically re-renders the footage without you even telling it to do it.

    What's more confusing for me is when I read things like 720/50i over 25p. So does that mean it's interlaced at 50fps and progressive at 25fps !

    I think the important thing for you is if the guys did a good job of copying your Super8 footage and you can't see any artifacts on playback then it's ok.

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    PowerDirector has the option to turn of shadow/proxy files, which I have done so I think I am actually working on the raw video. PD did show some blurring on frames with fast motion but not the comb effect. Who knows these days with so many different formats and different ways different programs work with them. My tests appear to have rendered fine so I think I will be OK.


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