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    Default Music video!

    It's kind of embarrassing, but I like it.

    [ame=""]YouTube- I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys[/ame]
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    It's very rare that I don't make it all the way through a video. BUT I baled out at 3 mins.

    I get the idea you had and don't have a problem with that. BUT and this is crucial to pull of this kind of thing you have to be really convincing. Make sure the talent know the words and the song inside out before going in front of the camera.

    This is what spoils you video for me. If they are singing they have to do it in to the mic and not after a couple of seconds when they suddenly realise it's their bit. I hope you don't think I'm being to critical, I just think to pull off this sort of thing it has to be really tight.

    On last thing is you should have narrowed the shot of the crowd so you can't see the empty seats around them.

    I liked your ideas and think you did a good job with the camera. I think it would be worth you doing it again. As you posted this in the just for fun section I presume you was not looking for a critique of the video BUT I just couldn't help myself.

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    Well you were better than Cheryl Cole on the X factor I think making something like this is probably real fun. Go for it, make another but make it as convincing as you can.

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