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Thread: 5400rpm drive, will it work

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    Default 5400rpm drive, will it work

    ok, my new laptop comes with a 5400 rpm drive, sadly ive only just read about it not being upto the job of capturing video :( im hoping that there is some chance, it is a powerful laptop at 3.2ghz with HT and a 1GB of DDR ram, or will this make no difference? i hope it will work ok :(

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    You'd hope so I've never tried capturing to my laptop, but have heard many people complain of dropped frames when capturing to external or laptop drives...

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    argh "%&"$^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i bought it primarily for video editing :(

    what about a 7200rpm firewire HDD?

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    You never know, it could be just a spurious link... maybe you'll be lucky???

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    well if i am ill be sure to let you guys know, heres hoping

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    Any luck?

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    Default 5400rpm drive, will it work

    I use both my desktop and notebook for video and have no problems capturing to the internal drives of either. It's a different story with the 120gb external firewire I bought recently though. It drops frames like mad.

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    I returned a 120Gb external drive to a company recently as it was sold as capable of video editing, although a 5400rpm drive, and didn't even pass the transfer rate test.
    When the company asked me where it was advertised as being capable of video editing and I pointed them in the direction of their own user guide, the company put their hands up and gave me a brand new 7200rpm USB2/Firewire drive. No problems since....

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    ok sorry it took so long, but yes, it captures fine, only rarely drops the 1 frame, so no troubles there, im not sure if it could be the performance of the machine tho, its a 3.2 with 1 GB of ram

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