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Thread: overlay audio on video?

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    Question overlay audio on video?

    Disclaimer: This is my first post. I'm a musician, not a videographer! This is my issue:

    My bluegrass band plays at the local farmers market. I have a great set up for shooting Youtube movies with my casio Exilim digital camera. But the audio quality is poor once uploaded to the Youtube site. I also have a Sony Mini Disc recorder and I am an expert at recording with it (wav files).

    Is there a good free program that lets me overlay the high quality audio over the Youtube video?



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    Yes, if you use Windows there is a program called Movie Maker. If you use a Mac there is a program called iMovie.

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    One more dumb question: When I try to download MovieMaker (Windows XP: Movie Maker 2.1 Download) they seem to say I have to also download Windows SP2, a giant file. I already have SP2. Where can I find the MovieMaker download... by itself alone?

    Thanks.. Tom

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    Windows Movie maker comes ready installed with Windows XP. You may find it if you click on the start button (bottom left hand corner) then follow Programs, Accessories, Entertainment. If not there it's path in Windows is "C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\moviemk.exe".

    Have Fun.

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    I've looked at Movie Maker. Although I see you can add music to a movie clip, I don't see that it allows you to syncronize the music and words from a separate live recording of a song with the video and replace the audio of the video with the new audio.... Is there something that does this?

    thanks.. Tom

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    Ok Tom, Let me talk you through it.
    Import the video track
    Import the audio track
    Click on View and make sure the time line is selected not the storyboard
    Place the video track on the time line
    right click the audio section of the video and select "MUTE"
    now place the audio track that you imported on the audio/music line of the time line
    Slide it left or right until it is in the correct position for you.

    Give me a big thank you when you have done it.

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    Midnight Blue:

    Thank you so much... but I'm still not there.... When I try to import into MovieMaker my movie file (both .mov and converted to .avi files), I get an error message saying there is some problem with the codec..

    any suggestions? Thanks so much... Tom

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    I don't know what you used to convert the files. You could try downloading the Divx codec pack from here and try using them in your converter.

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    I must be doing something really stupid.... I downloaded Divx, converted, tried to import into Movie Maker and get this message:

    The file M:\Sessions\TED Recordings\Copy of Footprints test video.divx is not a supported file type, and it cannot be imported into Windows Movie Maker.

    Thoughts? Thanks.. Tom

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    Ok were nearly there. You need to convert the file into a .avi but use the divx codec.

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