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Thread: How to insert flash animations in PPT?

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    Question How to insert flash animations in PPT?

    hello,there, I'm newbie, nice to join you.
    My teacher gave me a task to make a speech with PPT, I want to insert some animations at the beginning and the end of the ppt slides, anyone here knows how to insert flash animations in ppt and make them play well?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Did you mean insert them or create them. If you meant insert you do it just the same as adding a picture.

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    yes, if they're pictures, it's easy to handle, just insert. If they're flash video or something like that, you should try change them to avi video, you know, ppt supports avi video. you can try iwisoft swf to avi converter to change them to avi, then insert them. hope it helpful.
    if it works,pls let me know.
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