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Thread: Problem shooting with green screen

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    Default Problem shooting with green screen


    I'm using a Panasonic HDC-SD20 and having a bit of a nightmare trying to shoot indoors with green screen.

    I've been out and bought adequate lighting and have set everything up properly (as far as I'm aware). Anyway, I start shooting clips and everything seems ok until I view all the clips on the lcd screen on the camera and notice that the lighting seems to change from clip to clip.

    I can't understand it because the lights are being left in exactly the same place for each clip and yet there is clearly a difference from clip to clip. It's even more noticeable when I transfer the clips to the computer. Due to the fact that I need to string several clips together to make a video it looks very odd!

    I'm tearing my hair out trying to work out if its a fault with the camera or some strange anomaly that I haven't figured out yet!!

    Please can someone help!


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    Are you turning the camera off between shots? If so are you doing a proper white balance everytime you switch the camera back on?

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    No, I'm keeping the camera running throughout shooting. But I can't say I've ever done a white balance so I'll look into that and see what I can find!

    I have another theory which has to do with settings on my camcorder including 'Intelligent Auto' and 'AF Tracking'. I'm going to experiment a bit more but any advice on whether these functionalities might be the cause would be welcome.


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    I would recommend going into manual mode as much as your camera will allow. White balance should be done. When you turn the camera on zoom into a true white object so it fills the screen. Press the white balance option this will then set the camera so it sees white objects as white under the current lighting conditions. If you change the lighting set up or switch the camera off you will need to do it again.

    Hope this helps

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    Yes, that makes sense! I'll follow your instructions and hopefully this will sort the problem out. Thank you very much.

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    ... and make sure that your auto-exposure is switched off.

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    Will do Gaffer ! Thanks

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