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    Shot this about 9 years ago with a Hi8 Camera. Worked out well for the time. Let me know what you guys think. This is one of the few video's that I have in the daytime.

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    So your passion is clearly cars. Mines helicopters, but I can only afford a car

    Ok things to improve upon this one

    Don't ever include any shots where we get to see the camera in a reflection or your shadow fall across the subject. Unless of course where its deliberate and used to convey a story line.

    The video takes just a little too long to fade in from black but I like videos that lead in with the music or ambient sound first and then reveal the picture a moment later. It makes you imagine whats coming.

    If you intended the first shot to reveal into focus then thats good if not thats bad

    I like the fact that your introducing movement by walking down the side of the car but its a little too shaky. I think the camera movement is important as it can be quite boring just looking at static images. How about investing in one of those poor mans steadycams that are advertised on the internet. I dont have the link to hand but you can make them yourself for peanuts. I have one. Not that I use it but if I was trying to show of a car I probably would.

    I would only shoot at night if it was important to a storyline. Sunset, sunrise are good lights to show of a vehicle, but not when it starts to get dark.

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