Hi Guys,

First of all I would like to say that I am a complete newbie with camcorders & at shooting videos, I have some experience with moving graphics but when it comes to shoot video its a new criteria. So said that I just bought an aiptek AHD -5 Pro camera to shoot some dj sets & produce some videos to upload on youtube & Vimeo, I know these cameras aren't top notch but I just bought it since right now im a little bit tight on budget & I am saving for a better HD camera like the canon HV-30 or a Panasonic with a 3mos sensor system but thats another topic .. Now since I need a multi angle camera setup I was thinking about buying a small miniDV with firewire like Samsung's VP - D381, I know its not HD but I do not need the camera HD for the purpose I will be using it since I will need just a window and edit it with the whole footage in after effects . My question is.. would it be possible for me to capture in realtime from this camera directly to my PC through Firewire with Premiere Pro CS4? My Core PC is a Core I7 System with a 920 Nehaleem 2.66 GHZ CPU & 9 GB DDR 3 running in triple channel mode.

Any Questions will be highly appreciated

Thanks In Advance