Hi there, I am new to this forum - so hello all.

I am wanting to buy a camcorder for commercial use (corporate video etc) as well as our own fictional short films. So would like the quality to be as good as possible for what we can afford. Our budget approx is between 2000 - 3000.

We are looking at getting SONY HDR-FX1000 MiniDV High Def Camcorder. There are so many to choose from out there - it's a bit of a mine field for us (we have previously been using an old but quite good spec Sony home user camera - still managed to do okay with it - but quality not good enough for our new projects/ need mics etc now). Have you any opinions on the SONY HDR-FX1000 MiniDV High Def Camcorder??

Also, what are the pros and cons of a separate HD unit like the SONY HRV-DR60 HD Disk Unit? It sounds like a good idea - but is it worth bothering with?

Any advice appreciated. Many thanks.