Hey folks,

Just wondering if any one could recommend a video card used and proven, to be able to freely edit hd content on either Premiere Pro 2 or Sony Vegas,
the problem I'm having is being able to scrub back and forth hd content without pulling my hair out waiting for it to refresh...

I have been working with a few large files and I am not having any other problem except for hardware, I think the video card is the problem...,
my system spec is a Q9550 2.8 ghz quad core with 8 gigs mushkin ram and over a terra byte of hard drive space, running windows 7 pro 64 bit, however the video card is only a cheapo gamer card Radeon HD 4600 series with 512 mb ddr 3 ram., any suggestions ???
I would like to be able to have a little bit more freedom in the preview window while editing content.

thanks for any help.

Cheers !