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Thread: Not sure what software I need - I want to do a video mix

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    Default Not sure what software I need - I want to do a video mix

    Hey guys so I'm in search of the right software.

    I basically want to make a video using clips my group has compiled while snowboarding last season. I made an audio track using a few different programs (mainly acoustica mixcraft) that has the same backbeat but mixed and mashed a few different tracks as well as dropping sound bytes from our videos.

    I tried Premiere cs4 but it seems like it's not really what I need and like it's difficult to use. I feel like I need another program before I get to Premiere. It looked like it had some cool effects, and I noticed it had layering and blending options like photoshop does which is something I would want to use a little bit, but what I want is something that edits more frame by frame. I opened photoshop and noticed there was a "convert to frame animation" option but I don't know, that only took one frame (and this would take forever). I really just want to take short clips from the videos, for example of someone wiping out and falling, and repeat playback of this to the beat and then keep transitioning to other falls. Also I have a lot of videos shot of the same exact location where the background is all white and the person is in dark solid colors so it would be possible to isolate the person and put them in different scenes - i would like to do this as well.

    I used to use flash mx and worked with still images/objects to make flash videos almost frame by frame and this is similar to what I am looking to do, but i don't exactly want to break my video into 30 frames per second and edit those 1 by 1.

    Much appreciated! sorry I don't know the technical terms for anything... I just get programs and learn as needed for a project. Ease of use would be a bonus so I can just start on my project without too much down time having to learn the interface and sifting through tutorials just to understand the basics.

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    Well answering my own question ... I just got Sony Vegas Pro and it looks very promising so far. And very easy to use.

    I guess this is going to be the wrong forum then... I'm also going to need another program to do some animations you guys know if I can import from flash into Vegas? would be the latest versions of both. no definitive answer from google...
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    i work with both sony vegas and adobe, i mean adobe premier, AE
    Sony Vegas is the best for you at this point of time....

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