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    Another friend of mine and I shot this back in 2005, I finally knocked the dust off of it and edited it. Let me know what you think.

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    Don't forget to feedback to others mate. Its a give and take kinda forum

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    I like cars, I use to be a bit of a lad in my day (Oh my god I sound like a right old git) but I didn't really get moved by your movie as I was expecting. I found a lot of the footage a bit dark. I don't know if thats just a YouTube thing.

    I liked the fact that you went for lot's of different shots exterior shots going round bends etc.

    I'm sure you know that the in car shots are very shaky so you can't make out the numbers on the dial. Watch a few Top gears to see how this kind of thing should be done. I'm sure you could learn some of their techniques and improve your car movies.

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    Thank you guys for your thoughts. I do really appreciate them. I am sure I will be chasing the Top Gear Tail for a while, it's a work in progress.

    The shot I took inside the vehicle attempting to hold the camera on the gauge cluster I used hoping that it would depect accelration, speed, and torque. Hopefully get you "feeling" the sense of all those things by the jerkiness of the camera. Sadly all that I put in there were all the good shots I had.

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    Any camera is going to need fairly substantial support to be able to film within the car without the bumps etc jarring the picture. How about using a tripod wedged between the rear passenger seat and the back seat with the camera looking over the passenger seat angled towards the instruments.

    Its not necessary to film this afresh for every new film as you could just spend some time and effort getting excellent exposed shots of the instruments moving and use them as cutaways in later films.

    I don't want to pour cold water on your fun but I do feel a little uncomfortable watching a car being put through its paces on a public road. I have no idea of your driving ability but I do know that to be safe requires 100% concentration and the requisite skills to control the vehicle. Worrying about what the camera is able to capture or monitoring it in any way is a no no. I have no worries about you crashing but its only fair to make sure nobody else can possibly be involved in an accident.

    Is there a local race track you can get access to as that would remove all the associated hazards of public roads. Don't forget that god forbid you do lose it at some point that the local police will take any camera you have on board for analysis. If you have to use public roads then keep to the limits and use digital effects in post to speed it all up.

    Stay lucky

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