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    A friend of mine wanted to make a short video of a "race". We weren't truly racing but just wanted to really get me to make something. Let me know what you think. In time I will work more toward this of creating the Top Gear vibe. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advance.

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    Ok so this one is in daylight. Things you could try to improve it are;

    Tighten the editing - its a little too long in the build up
    Try not to use the same viewpoint more than once
    Get in much tighter on the closeups
    Maybe include some interior shots, hands on steerirng wheel, depressing clutch, gear stick etc
    Include some camera movement around the car e.g closeup from wheel to view across bonnet etc. This would mitigate the stillness of the shots whilst we wait for the cars to move
    Choose a better location - movement in the background spoils it
    Play with the focus on the camera, play with depth of field shots if you can, and shift focus.

    There is plenty of potential in there to have some fun. Keep going.

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    Thank you Shrimpfarmer. I really appreciate the ideas to help me improve.

    Say for this video I took about 20 seconds to get to the race, which I didn't realize took that long until you pointed it out, how long of a time period should there be in between start of video and start of race?

    I definetly see what you mean about the background. Sadly that was one of the best places we could find to shoot this without being disturbed. I sure wish I had an abandoned airport like Top Gear :(.

    I have watched Top gear so much that It finally clicked to start playing with the aperture. They do so much of that but also throw the shots together so well, it's amazing!

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    The best thing for you to do at the start is to try and emulate the Top Gear shots. As you watch it try and analyse what they are doing with the camera and also note down the exact shots they use. Lets face it they have been doing it for years and there can be only be so many shots in the repertoire before they repeat.

    By trying to copy them, including the length of time the shot remains on screen you will quickly progress in your understanding of how to make a car look good.

    As for how long something should be on screen well it all depends on what we are looking at. Is there also a commentary as listening to what a person is saying may allow for shots to be held a little longer. If however there is none and its just the shot and some music then it has to be fairly brisk. Your already pretty good at being brief so its just a case of practice.

    If you start to get comments where people say you could have held that shot longer then you know you have gone to far.

    Be clear in your mind why you are making the film. Who is the target audience and what message are you trying to convey. Is it just for your own enjoyment, in which case do whatever you want. Is it just for your mates, if so they will tolerate much lengthier clips and films because they probably appear in them and know you. If however its a Youtube audience then they have a very very short attention span and you have to catch them very quickly indeed with the nub of your film. If its us here on Digital Director then you should be aiming to slowly whittle down the feedback until people start saying..... perfect..... very enjoyable..... I could watch some more of that.

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