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Thread: Trouble importing video into Studio9

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    Default Trouble importing video into Studio9

    I imported my footage from a dvd-rw used on a Hitachi handycam. It imported it but when I went to edit it it had cut out most of my footage and used the beginning of it and the end of it on the clip I imported and cut out all of the middle.
    I can access and play all scenes in media player from the dvd-rw but I need to be able to select and edit. What was imported into Studio is incomplete.

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    What was the format of the file on the DVD ? What method did you use to import it ?
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    Default Thanks for your reply

    The Hitachi camera stores the video on small dvd's. In order to play the dvd on any other device one must "finalize" the disc. I then transfer the disc to my DVD player on the PC. When I look up what is on the disc through Windows Explorer I find two folders and cannot read what is in them. I apologize for not knowing the folder names as I am at a remote location at this time. While engaged in Studio9 there is a function called "Import Video". When I activate this function the indication is that the video is being uploaded to the PC. When it is done I can preview the upload however only about 1/2 of it uploads, the beginning and the end.
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    As far as I know you only have to use the "Capture Video" if you are down loading from a tape. If you are referring to Import DVD titles then thats different. If the files are already on your PC you should just be able to point straight at them.

    However if the video is a .vob file you will have to convert it into something that Pinnacle can edit such as an avi or mpg format as .vob files are not supported by Pinnacle. At least not the version I have. (v10.

    I just realised my answer doesn't make sense if you can already play some of the video.

    Good luck.
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