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Thread: no audio in AC-3

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    Default no audio in AC-3

    I'm using DVD Builder (Roxio EMC 7) and tried to burn to a DVD
    a video file (MP2) w/ MP3 audio I edited, but when I set
    the mode to AC-3 the resulting DVD has no audio. There
    is no problem when the mode is set to LCPM. But, I would
    like to hava an AC-3 setting to have the smallest file size
    while having the best audio and video quality (in LCPM, the
    video quality is only good).

    It's my first time to edit a video file so, I would appreciate
    very much your advice and help.


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    If your video is less than 60mins, then there is no point in using AC3 as the video bitrate cannot go above the DVD standard maximum.

    How are you playing the DVD. It's worth noting here that anything other than PCM audio is not in the DVD standard and may not play in a standalone player.

    As an alternatuve to AC3 encoding, you could use MP2, but again this is not in the DVD standard.

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    Marc Peters,
    Thank you for your advice. It's really a great help because I'm not
    well versed in video auditing.
    I'm playing my DVD using my computer's dvd drive and standalone player.

    So, LPCM audio is the most compatible mode for DVD recording.

    Thank you again.


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