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Thread: Canon HF-200 - Converting from AVCHD to MPEG2

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    Default Canon HF-200 - Converting from AVCHD to MPEG2


    I am looking into buy a Canon HF-200 camera. However, I have read some concerns about the difficulty in editing / managing the videos with it - so I wanted to check with the experts on that.

    Have people used the software it comes with (ImageMixer 3 SE) to convert videos from HD to SD format which can be copied on a normal DVD and played on a non-HD tv / dvd player : Not everyone that I want to share the videos with has an HD TV yet!

    Also, I have a Windows vista machine with dual-Core and 2 GB ram. Are these system requirements going to be sufficient for the software? Are there other free / cheap software out there which could be used for editing / formatting / conversion.

    It seems that the camera is good. But I just want to make sure that managing and using the videos is not going to be a problem due to software issues!

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    I would suggest that you read the posts in the AVCHD specifc forum to get a feel for software recommendations. AVCHD and HDV editing - Video Editing Forums: Digital Director

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