I'm not sure if what I want is possible, but here goes.

I'm creating a personal DVD in English and in Flemish. The content for both is the same, except the last 8 minutes or so. At the moment I have 2 complete, lets call it movies, each with the different ending.

What I would like to do instead, is use just one movie with the 2 endings as seperate clips. When the main movie has finished playing, it should then start playing either the English or Flemish ending, depending on the language selected at the beginning of the disc.

I see that Sony DVD Architect Pro 5.0 (which is what I'm using) has a feature called Scripting. This is something which I have never used. Can one use this to achieve what I want? Maybe set the end action of the main movie to a script which then checks the language and then plays the corresponding end clip? I don't know how this scripting works, so I'm not even sure if it is possible.

Thanks in advance.